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Meet the digital natives

Meet the digital natives. 

They are the first adults, who have lived all their lives with the Internet, mobile phones and social media. According to official statistics (source: Statistics Denmark) currently more than 10 % of the work force in Denmark are digital natives, and in 2020, the same statistics indicate that it will be one out of four. A similar development can be documented in other countries.

About Søren Schultz Hansen

Søren Schultz Hansen Søren Schultz Hansen is an expert in digital natives and digital transformation. For more than 10 years, he has has been gathering extensive empirical data about digital natives, digital transformation, digital management, work force and career in a digital age.

Søren Schultz Hansen holds a master in literature and communication. He spent the first ten years of his career as a consultant in the digital marketing industry. Now, besides being an author and a lecturer, he teaches the future generation at Copenhagen Business School at the Department of Management, Society & Communication.

Søren Schultz Hansen is born in 1968 and lives in Copenhagen.

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Søren Schultz Hansen’s work and studies have been documented in several books and articles, indcluding “Digitaliseringens paradokser” (Paradoxes of Digitalization), “Digitale indfødte på job” (Digital Natives going to Work) and ”Årgang 2012” (Class of 2012).

Søren Schultz Hansen offers talks on digital natives and the management of them. Some of his latest talks are:

Digital Natives, coworkers of the future – to managers of IKEA
Digital Natives, a New Generation of Employees – to managers in Danske Bank
Management of digital natives at the annual meeting of the high school principials in DK

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Generation Digital did more than 10 years of studies of digital natives, digital transformation, management, work force and career in the digital age